Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

Fondation Diane is looking for a financial analyst to join the Viridis Investment Fund team. Experience working with startups and an MBA is a plus.

Lettre d’une Citoyenne Libanaise au Président de la République Française, Emmanuel Macron

Lettre d’une Citoyenne Libanaise (qui ne déserte pas) au Président de la République Française, Emmanuel Macron Beyrouth le 15 décembre 2017 Monsieur le Président, Je vous fais une lettre Que vous [...]

Open letter from Fondation Diane to French president Macron

Open Letter from the Diane Foundation to the president of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, on the environmental issue in Lebanon. Published in L’Orient Le Jour newspaper on December [...]

Careers at Fondation Diane

Investment Fund Manager

FONDATION DIANE was launched in May 2015 by Diana Fadel to encourage, spread awareness and invest in civic awareness and sustainable development in Lebanon, through various actions carried out [...]

Fondation Diane SwitchMed event “Green Startup Meet Investors” on Tele Liban

The show StartUps 331 on TeleLiban featured our SwitchMed event titled Green Startups Meet Investor

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Fadi El Hage