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An active platform for actionable information through gatherings, conferences and more

The Citizen Circle organizes events such as gatherings, conferences & workshops with various important and meaningful topics, aimed to resuscitate the motivation of the Lebanese, provide them with accurate information, make them aware of their powers and their rights and therefore of their responsibility as citizens.



Resuscitates motivation and sense of solidarity amongst Lebanese citizens



Creates debates around current topics



Open citizens’ eyes on the magnitude of their power, urging them to take actions

Citizen Circle Initiatives

Citizen Cafe

Gather and debate

A monthly citizen meeting that invites people to debate with their compatriots under the vigilance of different experts, on a hot topic related to citizenship and eco-sustainable development.

Monuments en Musique

Invasion by culture

A series of music concerts taking historic and national monuments as the stage (38 events to date since 2018. These events are aimed to shed lights on fragile national monuments and help restore them.

Woman Think Tank

Empowering Lebanese women

Bringing women world leaders, experts and scholars alike together to conduct research, public debates & promote fair public policy that will elevate the rights of women in Lebanese society.

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