Cycling Circle

Business type: Bike tours and delivery service
Address: Beirut, Old Saida Road – Lebanon
Tel: +961 (0)3 12 66 75

While considering the high level of pollution and congestion in Beirut, Fondation Diane for Civic Awareness and Eco-Sustainable Development decided to support cycling Circle, the green project of Karim Sokhn, a young Lebanese who aims to promote a cycling culture in a country suffocating from the massive use of cars.

To deal with the lack of an appropriate public transport system, Cycling Circle offers possibilities to circulate differently. By selling and renting bikes, it defends a mode of transport that burns calories and not fuel, reduces traffic and saves energy, a mode of transport that does not pollute and is healthy.

Its service Deghri Messenger delivers packages in all Beirut. In 2016 the Deghri Messengers have accomplished 6500 delivery rides, crossing 18250 kilometres, the equivalent of 112 rides from Tripoli to Sour without any polluting emissions!

Cycling Circle also encourages sport, tourism and recreation through bikes riding tours across Beirut and all the country. Last year, 85 tours have been organised, gathering 2500 people to experience another relation with Lebanon, its landscape and heritage based on the rhythm of their pedals. With these services and activities, Cycling Circle wants to reach the widest crowd possible and create a community aware that cycling benefits us all. In this perspective, the Bike Kitchen was opened in December 2016 not only as a bicycle shop but also as a coffeehouse to gather people around the cycling experience in Lebanon.

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