AUB NCC obtained the necessary funding to design, develop and market Daskara, the digital version of nature and heritage mapping through an investment made by Diane Foundation on August 2017


In 2017, Fondation Diane invested in Cortas. This investment would partially help contribute to introducing renewable energy sources at the factory, the use o bio-degradable materials in the [...]


Taqabar was inspired by athletes for athletes. Regain, rebuild, refuel with healthy and natural energy bars.

L’atelier du Miel

A brand solely dedicated to honey and honey products with a unfaltering passion for nature, craftsmanship and good taste.

Compost Baladi

Compost Baladi provides products and services that promote the local recycling of food scrap and garden waste of houses, restaurants and municipalities.


Carpolo is a platform that promotes carpooling between community members using a mobile app and analytic tools. Carpolo will become the search engine for unused car space by enabling users to [...]

Cycling Circle

In 2013, CyclingCircle implemented the first bicycle delivery service in Beirut, Lebanon. Deghri Messengers provides Beirut's businesses with a carbon-neutral, customer-friendly delivery service [...]

Me Green

ME Green offers turnkey renewable energy solutions, offering services from technical and financial study to installation and maintenance.

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