Danone launches yogurts inspired by different cultures, Lebanon is included

The manufacturer launches The Danone of the World, a range of yoghurts inspired by different cultures, from Icelandic skyr to Lebanon’s Laban. The products can be eaten, drunk and cooked too.

Everything started in 2014. The world seemed to shrink, a lack of benevolence emerged. Food can participate in openness to others and diversity. The idea of yoghurts inspired by different cultures was born, underlines Anne Thévenet-Abitbol, director of prospective and new concepts of the Danone group.

Yoghurts from around the world were then imported to France. Teams tasted nearly 350. After four years of research and development, five types were kept. They must both show their difference and remain accessible to the French palate.

Source + link to the article here
See the 5 types here.

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