Oil and Gas: What is the future for Lebanon?

Date: Thursday, 2 February 2017, 07:00 PM
Venue: The Lunch Room

With the participation of:
Sami Atallah, Lebanese Center for Policy Studies Wissam Chbat, Lebanese Petroleum Administration Dr. Nasser Hotteit, Specialist, Saint Joseph University Diana Kaissy, Lebanese Oil, and Gas Initiative

Recent events have drawn attention on Oil and Gas in Lebanon. After two years of silence, the Lebanese government has accelerated the process of offshore exploration and production which implies for Lebanese citizens a necessity to be informed and active on this essential issue regarding the future of the country. Gas and Oil represent a great opportunity to develop the country but those unrenewable sources of energy can as well be a blessing as a curse. From an environmental point of view, dangers are multiple if the offshore activity is not realized under the highest security conditions, especially since this activity is not regulated by international laws, the State has to be extremely watchful on how to control the industry. From an economic point of view, transparency is more than necessary as the income is important and has to be used for the country and all its citizens and not captured by a minority. From an ecological point of view, in a twenty-first century that will struggle more and more with the impact of Global Warming, the use of fossil energies appears as inappropriate for our health and the health of our planet… What are the main challenges for Lebanon about Oil and Gas? Why is it essential that citizens catch this national issue?

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