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Stuck in traffic on your way to work? Same situation on your way back? Welcome to our daily life on the Lebanese roads. This is normal with an average of 1.35 individuals per car and the lack of an efficient public transportation system. There is definitely an urgent need to take actions to move around in a sustainable way.

Fondation Diane, in its determination to sustain Lebanon’s environment by greening its economy, is supporting Carpolo as part of the local traffic solution. This commuting application facilitates car sharing which reduces traffic congestion, the need for parking spaces and the air pollution.

Fondation Diane invested in Carpolo and will assist its growth by linking it to potential clients and partners in order to increase its chances of success. Mohamad Nabaa started Carpolo as a graduation project in 2014. He won the Beirut Pitch Championship in AltCity where he met Ralph Khairallah, a business instructor at USEK University. Together, they decided to transform carpooling from an idea to a daily habit for Lebanese drivers and passengers.

The application allows users to post, search, request and join rides with other commuters who have coinciding paths. Upon completing the ride, the driver and passenger collect points and participate in a gamified point reward system. In this application, no direct money transaction is involved. The start-up decided to enter the market by targeting people working or studying in medium and large institutions. It offers a wide circle of people to carpool with, in a climate of trust, since users belong to the same or well-known institutions.

Carpolo has gained local and international media exposure as a rising eco-friendly Lebanese start-up, winning AUB Eco-Entrepreneurship Award, selected 2nd runner-up in the MitEF social track, and made it to the semifinals during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit as Delegates+ in Silicon Valley.

If you are fed up with getting stuck alone in your car during hours of traffic, download the app and share rides soon!

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