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Business type: Composting through recycling
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Is the garbage crisis over? Did we find a sustainable solution to manage our waste? Demonstrations have stopped but our garbage is still a problem! To tackle environmental and societal problems that Lebanon faces regarding waste management, Fondation Diane decided to help found Compost Baladi, a green startup developing and spreading the culture of composting throughout the country. Their mission is to promote the re-purposing of organic waste into valuable resources.

With more than 2 million tons of municipal solid waste per year, from which 53% are organic, composting in Lebanon is an efficient and long-term solution to really start answering the garbage crisis. Compost Baladi works on waste management and compost production, dealing with municipalities, households, restaurants, academic institutions, commercial establishments, non-profit organizations, etc. From waste characterization to training and awareness, the company was founded in early 2017 by Antoine Abou Moussa and Marc Aoun in partnership with Fondation Diane, based on a civic engagement campaign initiated by Laurent Wakim. Compost Baladi gathered a team of local and international experts and equipment suppliers to provide their clients with the most suitable service on the market adapted to the need of each client by offering different methods of composting, for small to big quantities, and taking into consideration cost limitations.

Composting is the natural process of recycling organic waste from our kitchen and garden. By composting we reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills, thereby reducing air, soil, and water pollution while creating a product feeding the ground. Composting also enables the production of cleaner recyclable products as it implies a source separation of waste. Compost can be used in different manners, to fertilize and grow plants and vegetables, to produce energy…

Compost Baladi is nonetheless a green business, able to transform waste into valuable resources, but it is also a societal business that aims to change Lebanese habits, in order to reduce the amount of untreated garbage disfiguring the face of Lebanon.

Regarding the treatment of garbage, Fondation Diane and Compost Baladi believe that all actors have a key role to play, from institutions to citizens, recycling and composting are only possible if sorting is well organized at every level.

Our daily acts will create the change and the future of Lebanon!

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