We opt for life and good life

When anyone is looking for happiness, one needs to first be surrounded by respect: respect for one self, respect for people who live around, respect for nature that surrounds us, respect for animals, respect for places that one inhabits, respect of the world, its entire population, nature and resources, respect for the environment including all its components.

This is the role of a good government.

We were all originally created in a clean and beautiful nature: one without pollution, poverty, chemicals, weapons, corruption in politics and therefore governance.

Everyone was equal to all.

Then came the snake and the apple and the world changed: the envy, the jealousy, the greed, the hunger for power, then politics, then money and mass consumption with all its negative consequences.

Political power and money can offer a lot of things but not necessarily good consciousness and happiness. Power can bring good things to people, but also bad things: with power, you can help people live and live well but you can make them die, you can give health and hope to generations but you can give them instead drugs and despair.

We want to live well!

With the most secure basic needs such as a safe home, safe food and water, education, health care and well-being.

We want to help our government take good decisions for our environment, make a beautiful living surrounding with good urban planning, sustainable development, and provide civic awareness for youths, adults and poorly educated people to help them respect all surrounding things.

We opt for life and good life, not for death.


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