Civic Awareness and Eco-Sustainable Development


a meaning and a story

Fondation Diane was created in May 2015 by Diana Sfeir Fadel as a response to the ecological marasmus in which the country is debating and its disastrous consequences on all levels; environmental, economic, political, cultural … as well as the image of Lebanon in the world and in the heart of the citizens.

The philosophy behind the name and logo



The music played on the bugle that awakens the troops.




The adjective form of the light that comes from the sky.

enlighten the present



The hunting goddess symbolizing the transition into the civilized world.

Target the future

Connecting the academic world with the civic society


Education is a fundamental lever in changing perceptions and behaviours. With that in mind, the CEEDD initiative at USJ aims to rethink development models to build harmony between citizens and nature via training courses, support in research,  publications and more.

scholarships, research,

training courses, publications

support & more

A platform for responsible citizens

The Citizen Circle

Aimed to galvanize the Lebanese citizens to take charge of their environment, resuscitate their motivation, provide them with accurate information, cast their voices, make them aware of their rights, their powers and therefore of their responsibilities as citizens through quotidian gatherings, workshops, and conferences.

gather, discuss,

debate, share, express

for responsible citizens.

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Frustrated by the nation wide environmental concerns?
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Contributors, startups,

SME’s and green enterprises

of tomorrow.

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