Children's Health

The economic meltdown and crisis limit children's access to quality medical care!

"34% of children in Lebanon are not receiving the health care they need" *UNICEF's report, April 2022

About the Clinic

The Clinic offers pediatric consultations mostly for disadvantaged families to help them have access to a medical care of high value.

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Open to all families residing in Lebanon regardless of their nationality, the Clinic aims at providing quality medical services to marginalized families, through a trustworthy hospital center, in a context of skyrocketing living costs.

  • icon age The Clinic welcomes children from 0 to 18 years old, with no racial or social discrimination
  • icon price The consultation fees are very minimal and aligned with the rates of primary health care centers set by the MOPH (Ministry of Public Health)
  • icon vaccination The vaccination schedule is based on the national immunization calendar adopted by the Ministry

1st Center of-its-kind that aims to offer



Prentive & Curative Care

Psychological Support

The medical team seek to offer parents and their children a humane medicine where careful listening, accurate info and respect of the child, as well as the management of his stress and pain, are given full attention. They are keen to help parents have a full understanding of their children's medical problems, to be able to provide them with full support.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
To request an appointment, call: 01-60 41 60

Children’s Health and Future in Lebanon are at risk!

For your donations:
Donate through our Website, or Transfer to the clinic’s bank account,
Bank Audi – Ashrafieh “HOTEL-DIEU DE FRANCE (CSE)” – LB95005600000000000918170108

You can at anytime contact us on + 961 3 297 397

STOP ECOsuiCIDE donation

A national initiative that engages youth and environmentalists in several cleanup activities in different locations across Lebanon (forests, beaches, corniches, rivers), and awareness campaigns on pollution reduction and environment preservation to mitigate climate change.

Every Lebanese citizen deserves to breathe clean air, eat clean food and enjoy clean public places!
Fondation Diane launched its STOP ECO(sui)CIDE initiative to spread civic awareness, protect ecosystems from pollution and contribute ultimately to the sustainable development of our country.
STOP ECO(sui)CIDE operations involves the collection and sorting of waste from forests and the beaches across Lebanon. Once the operation is done, the waste is delivered to a waste treatment facility.
Fondation Diane provides volunteers with the necessary equipment and follows up on the recycling of the collected waste in all operations.

Figures till date:

• Organized 15 Clean-up activities
• In 12 locations in Lebanon
• Engaged 500 volunteers
• Cleaned 15 Km of public places
• Collected 1800 bags of sorted trash
• Recycled 1500 bags of recyclable waste

For your donations:

Donate through our website, or Transfer to the bank account:
Saradar bank – Charles Malek, “Fondation Diane” – LB26004800000011335769004840
Contact us: + 961 (3) 297 397