Philosopher and artist by education, long-time entrepreneur (Co-founder of ABC s.a.l.) and businesswoman, Diana Sfeir Fadel founded in 1998 ``Monuments en Musique`` (MeM) and promoted for 10 years 45 archeological unknown sites while animating them by 45 concerts of young Lebanese artists. In 2012, after her victory over two deadly diseases, she decided to devote her resources, her time and a renewed energy, as a woman, to the rebirth of a new citizen and a better homeland. Her great battle lies around the link between “Civic Awareness & Eco-sustainable Development”.

In 1965, Diana started her philosophy studies at “École des Lettres” in Beirut.

In 1967, she married with the late Maurice Fadel and has 4 children.

In 1972, she co-founded with her husband, ABC department stores, and they made out of it the first shopping center in Lebanon, where she managed it for decades beside her husband, even from abroad during the civil war.

During the Lebanese civil war in 1975, she moved to Paris with her family and in 1986 at the age of 40, she continued her studies in Philosophy at “Paris X” in Nanterre until she graduated in 1988.
In 1992, Diana came back to Lebanon. She, then, founded the “Monuments en Musique” NGO, which aims at preserving and saving important and often abandoned Lebanese heritage and iconic sites.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with 2 late stage cancer and fought against sickness for 3 complete years. She survived!

In 2012, she founded “Fondation Diane” as a response to the civic and ecological turmoil in which the country was and is still struggling. She believes that education, mobilization and action are the main pillars for an active citizenship. She created:
• CEEDD: The Chair of “Fondation Diane” for Eco-citizenship and Sustainable Development in partnership with the USJ
• Civic Circle: an active lobbying platform to inform and motivate citizens through gatherings and events
• VIRIDIS Investment Fund: a financial and deeply operational & monitoring support to green startups and SMEs
• RayMondo: the 1st Green Industrial Hub in Lebanon!

In 2020, Diana was elected as the Chairwoman and CEO of “ABC Department Stores”.

Diana believes in women empowerment, teamwork and positive spirit.

Fondation Diane Meet The Founder