Fondation Diane was created in 2012 by Diana Sfeir Fadel as a response to the environmental, economic, political and cultural marasmus in which the country was debating and its disastrous consequences on all levels, as well as the image of Lebanon in the world and the despair in the heart of Lebanese people.

“Diane”: One Name, Lots of Meanings

Fondation Diane The Bugle

The Bugle

The bugle that awakens the troops
Fondation Diane The Light

The Light

The adjective form of the light that comes from the sky
Fondation Diane The Goddess

The Goddess

Goddess of hunting symbolizing the transition from savage to civilized world
Faced with the civic and environmental turmoil in which the country is struggling, it was urgent to restore to the Lebanese the lost vigor of the genes of a people who knew how to win their independence, to resuscitate his motivation, to inform and mobilize him, to make him aware of his rights and duties which is incumbent upon his role of citizen and to make him act accordingly towards eco-sustainable development so that Lebanon becomes again the country we dream of and earns once more its nickname “Switzerland of the Middle East”.

Our Manifesto

Awaken Spirits & Energies, Enlighten the Present, Target the Future!


Mobilize citizens to contribute to Lebanon’s Sustainable Development and support financially and operationally green start-ups, MSMEs and creative minds who are actively engaged in making a change via the 17 SDGs.


Give birth to a new citizen who is conscious of his rights and duties, while striving to make Lebanon a pioneer country in Eco-Sustainable Development through fostering green entrepreneurship and eco-innovation.


Citizenship | Integrity | Courage | Commitment | Efficiency

Fondation Diane at a glance


Founding “Monuments En Musique” which organized – from 1996 till 2006 - 45 musical concerts in iconic yet abandoned archeological sites across Lebanon:

  • Abbaye de Balamand (XIIs) – Tripoli
  • Château croisé, salle Mamelouk (XVs) – Byblos
  • Caves de Ksara (XIXs) – Bekaa
  • Palais Débbané (XVIIIs) – Saida
  • Temple Romain – Niha
  • Magnanerie (XIXs) – Freikeh Metn
  • Sérail du Borj (XVIs) – Akkar
  • Château croisé de la mer (XIIIs) – Saida
  • Tombeaux byzantins de Wadi El Habiss (IIIs) - Furzol Bekaa
  • Tour des Lions (XIIs) – Tripoli
  • Château fort croisé – Tebnine South
  • Sérail Hamadé (XVIIIs) – Baaklin Chouf
  • Eglise latine, Khan El Franj – Saïda
  • Caves du Palais Abillama – Broumana
  • Couvent Mar Semaan – Kfar Aaqab Metn
  • Eglise Mar Kyriakos – Richmaya
  • Couvent St. Jean Maron - Qobbaï Vallée Hammana
  • Eglise Mar Saba (XIIIs) – Eddé Batroun
  • Villa Abdel Kader (XIXs) – Solidere Beirut
  • Eglise St. Elie des Maronites – Kantari Beirut
  • Ecole des trois docteurs – Accaoui Beirut
  • Tour des Lion – Tripoli
  • Grand Sérail de Beyrouth – Solidère Beirut
  • Nouveau Hammam (XVIIIs) – Tripoli
  • Savonnerie de Mr. Audi (XVIIs) – Saida
  • Grand Sérail (XIXs), Down Town – Beirut
  • Eglise St. Maron - Gemmayzé – Achrafieh
  • Municipalité (XIXs) – Jounieh
  • Palais Chéhab (XVIIs) – Hadeth
  • Magnanerie (XIXs) – Bauchrieh
  • Citadelle de St. Gilles (XIIs) – Tripoli
  • Gare de Mar Michael (XIXs) – Beirut
  • Hammam Ezzeddine (XIVs) – Tripoli
  • Palais Nawfal (XIXs) – Tripoli
  • Villa Mokbel (XIXs) – Sursock Achrafieh
  • Cathédrale Arménienne – St .Elie Centre ville
  • Résidence des Pins – Beyrouth
  • Collège Notre Dame de Nazareth – Nasra Achrafieh
  • Place de l’Eglise Notre Dame de Amchit – Amchit
  • Eglise Mar Nohra – Douma
  • Cinéma Fouad – Douma
  • Eglise St. Joseph – Santa Gemmayzé
  • Achrafieh - Quatuor de Beyrouth

• Diagnosed with 2 metastatic cancers
• Treatments in Boston

• "Fondation Diane" Manifest: 1st Civic & Sustainable Development Foundation in Lebanon
• Tests with MTV and registration of “KHABRIYE HELWE” short announcement program

• Founding the “CHOU BEDNA” group leading civic activists

• VIRIDIS, 1st Investments in: Healthy Food, Transport, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
• Creating CEEDD the Chair of “Fondation Diane” at USJ
• Exclusive partnernship with GSVC /Berytech

• Creation of “Civic Circle” program
• 1st Citizen Café
• Inauguration event of CEEDD (the Chair of Fondation Diane)
• Recycling Photo Competition
• GSVC Competition awards
• Co-investing with IM Capital
• Partner for IBDAA with/at AUB
• MOU signing with “l’Atelier du Miel” (start-up)
• MOU signing with “Me Green” (start-up)
• MOU signing with “Compost Baladi” (start-up)
• MOU signing with “Bike Kitchen” (start-up)

• Letter to Emmanuel Macron
• Partnership with SwitchMed/ EU
• Partnership with Lebanon Opportunities
• MOU signing with “Carpolo” (start-up)
• MOU signing with “Taqa” (start-up)
• MOU signing with “Daskara” (start-up)
• MOU signing with “Cortas” (start-up)

• Opening RayMondo, the 1st Industrial Incubator for Green Start-ups
• STOP ECO(sui)CIDE 1st operation
• Gathering the RDF Community
• Batteries Collection National Campaign in partnership with Energizer & Liban Post
• MOU signing with “Green Track” (start-up)
• MOU signing with “FabricAid” (start-up)

• Organizing the 1st “Green market”
• Official Inauguration and MOU signing with “RayMondo”
• Publishing “Kulluna lil Watan”, the 1st Book of the Revolution in Images
• MOU signing with “Mint Basil” (start-up)
• MOU signing with “Ecoserv” (start-up)
• MOU signing with “CubeX” (start-up)

• Renovation of damaged units following the Beirut Blast
• SwitchMed Programme
• Re-Fit, in partnership with ICU & Arc En Ciel
• Donation of canned food from Cortas
• Post Beirut Blast grant from “Thêatre Poche Ruelle”

• Y-LEAP Program
• EEST Program (Entangling Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Transformation of the F&B industry)
• Blue Economy, a SwitchMed program
• MOU Signing to establish the “Clinique Sociale de l’Enfant” at HDF

• Organizing the roundtable discussion "8/8 Women Change Makers: Union in Times of Crisis"
• Waste Management Consortium
• InvestMed
• NGOi Certificate
• Official Launching of the “Clinique Sociale de l’Enfant”

• Launching the “Waste Diversion Management Consortium” pilot project in Hazmieh
• Organizing the 4th edition of the “Green Market”
• Launching the Tessa project: Energy Transition, Sustainable Inclusive Economic Growth in Lebanon