Awaken Spirits & Energies, Enlighten the Present, Target the Future!

Manifesto of Launching, 8th March 2012

  • Given the Crisis that the country is skirmishing against and its disastrous consequences on the constitutional, institutional, social, cultural, ecological, urban, environmental, archeological, economic, political levels, etc.
  • The Lebanese spirit is drained out of its essence; youngsters suffer from not being able to identify themselves with a pretty image of their country. Hence, the Lebanese Spirit falls into a paralyzing intellectual and psychological depression.
  • Whether we like it or not, we were born, grew up and lived in this Country, and we do bear the indelible marks of our Roots. And while the option of leaving tickles the minds of some, others decide to stay for a reason or another.
  • Despite everything, one must look ahead, endow oneself with sufficient Energy to fight the pervasive gloominess, take the right decisions and act.
  • Despite the goodwill and heroic actions of several NGOs to improve the living conditions of some disadvantaged segments (handicapped, deaf-and-dumb people, juvenile delinquents, drug addicts) or to fight against the deterioration of the living conditions of the average Lebanese (reforestation, support of farmers, empowering women, etc…), these actions remain limited and cannot substitute the government actions.
  • The Image of the Lebanese must reflect that of an upright Citizen: mercantilism and political clientelism should no longer reign! the public interest must take over the private interest and the Lebanese must be encouraged to actively engage in the sociopolitical life with a view to serve their community.
  • It is up to the Lebanese Citizens, through their active engagement, to stay informed and act as Vigilant Witnesses, in order to make their voices heard, following their legitimate rights and their sense of duty, and their conscience instead of their political belonging or personal interests.


It seems thus important to revive in the Lebanese the lost Vigor of their Genes, those of a people
that once knew how to gain its independence:

• Resuscitate their Motivation
• Provide them with correct Information
• Ensure they are aware of their Rights & Duties, and thus of their Responsibilities as citizens
• Allow them to express themselves, in a positive way based on constructive criticism
• Mobilize them to vote for/against any party, based on their convictions. Encourage them to voice their demands away from any political considerations. And thus, contribute to the rebirth of a Citizen finally freed from all the constraints of the system

I am a woman and because the fundamental role of a woman is to give life, it pains me seeing a whole lethargic community, fully capable human-beings unable to unchain and liberate themselves. It is time for the Lebanese to witness a new era!