Bridging the Gap with Industries- Green Entrepreneuship Lab

65 Bridging the Gap with Industries Green Entrepreneuship Lab

About the Event

The “EcoSwitch Coalition” is pleased to invite you to participate in “Bridging the Gap with Industries”, the 1st Green Entrepreneurship Lab of a four-part planned series that aims to create benefits and foster linkages for Green Entrepreneurs and sectors active in relevant fields for the sustainable development of our economy.

Supported by the “Asfari Foundation”, this 1st entrepreneurship lab, will gather both sector actors and public sector representatives, as well as entrepreneurs themselves, who will be given space to outline their work and exchange on potential opportunities.

Join us to meet with key experts by selecting one of the following discussion sessions: Energy, Agrifood and Recycling.
The 3rd Breakout Session: Recycling

This session will give green changemakers the opportunity to exchange with a key expert in the recycling industry, and will be moderated by Nancy Saliba Boueri, Program manager at Fondation Diane. Nancy has work experience in Green Entrepreneurship project management and in paper & plastics manufacturing and recycling industry. She’s skilled in environment management system development and in Project Management. She is a part-time university instructor and a PhD candidate in Environmental management and Waste Management researcher.

The key expert of this session is Eng. Karim Haddad, Deputy GM at SICOMO, a recycled cardboard mill. He is the CEO of ENERG-ECO and a consultant in recycling and green & Renewable Energy. Karim has extensive work experience in Waste Management and recycling in Lebanon and the region and is member at the environment committee at the Association of Lebanese Industrialists.