Distributing Certificates to the EEST Program Pitch Winners

34 Distributing Certificates to the EEST Program Pitch Winners

In the framework of Sustainable Development, “Fondation Diane” organized on Monday 27 Dec 2021 a ceremony to distribute certificates to the winners of the EEST Call for Proposal. EEST (Entangling Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Transformation of the Food & Beverage Industry) is a program that recognizes the significant social, economic and environmental impact of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with a plan to broaden their business scope with environmentally-friendly solutions and innovative ideas. Through this program, “Fondation Diane” aims at contributing to the green circular economy and shaping the future of the food & beverage industry.

The ceremony was held at “Fondation Diane” offices in Roumieh, in the presence of the President and Founder of “Fondation Diane”, Mrs. Diana Fadel, and the Head of Investment and Advisory, Mr. Selim Chami, who handed the certificates to the EEST Program Pitch Winners: Litestyle, Olivano, Mortben, and Fertaike.

It is worth-noting that the EEST Call For Proposal was launched on 15 June 2021 and closed on 31 July 2021, and it brought more than 50 applicants from all over Lebanon.