Fondation Diane, Ecoserv Launch Battery Recycling Initiative in Lebanon

76 Fondation Diane Ecoserv Launch Battery Recycling Initiative in Lebanon 01

Fondation Diane, a Lebanese NGO that works in favor of Civic Awareness and Eco-Sustainable Development, and Ecoserv, its leading partner in the Electronic Waste Recycling field, have launched a program in Lebanon that aims to collect and recycle batteries.

“With a growing population, the world’s waste problems are only going to increase, so we, as citizens, need to find new innovative ways to deal with our waste: This includes recycling our batteries,” Fondation Diane said.

“This alliance aims to expand the network of electronic waste collections, cover larger areas of Lebanon, and become the leading e-waste service provider. As of today, there are no proper recycling plans in Lebanon, and lots of Electronic Waste are misused,” Fondation Diane added.

The Fondation Diane-Ecoserv joint venture was launched at the beginning of the year 2020.

“Fondation Diane is the pioneering NGO that started promoting Eco-sustainable Development and is working on changing the mindset and attitude of Lebanese people towards it,” a press release said.

“Today, Fondation Diane is collecting used batteries at the national level in cooperation with LibanPost and Energizer. Whereas Ecoserv is currently among those leading the Climate for Change in Lebanon by offering services towards green CSR, through e-waste solutions and social awareness,” the statement added.

Through this partnership, Fondation Diane and Ecoserv are joining hands to optimize efforts and grow this endeavor to “encourage and be a major contributor to the circular economy in the country with the objective of establishing a highly sustainable recycling and refurbishing plant for obsolete electronics that will provide green job opportunities in Lebanon.”

This partnership will allow Fondation Diane and Ecoserv to promote CSR compliant disposal methods of e-waste and “positively contribute to the ever increasing national environmental challenges concerning toxic waste disposal together, through effective environmental awareness and targeted sustainable actions.”