“Fondation Diane Organizes the Roundtable Discussion: “8/8 Women Change Makers: Union in Times of Crises”””

25 Fondation Diane Organizes the Roundtable Discussion

In the occasion of the International Women’s Day, “Fondation Diane” organized a roundtable discussion entitled “8/8 Women Change Makers: Union in Times of Crises”. The event took place at Saint Joseph University (USJ) – Campus de l’Innovation et du Sport (CIS), and gathered men and women, and representatives of institutions, associations and organizations that believe in the effective role of women in society and their cause. It featured interesting interventions and discussions from 8 prominent figures for women empowerment: Diana Sfeir Fadel, Ali Khalife, May El Khalil, Madiha Raslan, Michel El Helou, Sarah El Yafi, Tracy Chamoun & Joellle Abu Farhat.

This roundtable discussion falls under the mission of “Fondation Diane” which is to contribute to Sustainable Development and promote Civic Awareness & active citizenship. Through this initiative, “Fondation Diane” aims at contributing to the implementation of the fifth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG5) which calls for “achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.”