“Fondation Diane” Undergoing the NGOi Certification

59 Fondation Diane Undergoing the NGOi Certification

As part of the YLEAP Program (Youth Learning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program), “Fondation Diane” has applied to the NGOi certification. NGOi is an initiative of the American University of Beirut that provides different services to the NGO sector in Lebanon and the MENA region.

The NGOi certification is a voluntary and non-governmental review process that assesses the governance and administrative structures as well as operational principles of the NGOs. The performance of the organization on the certification process is assessed using evidence-based criteria.

On 20 August, the third assessment visit took place online and was successfully held with “Fondation Diane” team, aiming at achieving proper operational policies and procedures and ensuring a community centric approach in organizational structure and operations.