Fondation Diane’s Year 2021 In Review

29 Fondation Diane s Year 2021 In Review

Since October 2019, and even more after the Beirut port blast in August 2020, Lebanon has been witnessing very challenging times: from an uprising to an economic meltdown and multidimensional crises.

Always true to our mission, we at “Fondation Diane” had one thing in mind! How to play a central role in our community, and positively contribute to reviving our economy and the well-being of our people. To achieve so, we kept fighting for “Sustainable Development” and promoting “Civic Awareness”, while preserving the environment.

Despite all challenges, we focused on giving back to our community while prioritizing the following fundamental pillars: giving access to equal quality medical care, empowering women and contribute to achieving gender equality, enlightening citizens on their civic rights and responsibilities, promoting healthy nutrition, raising awareness on water management practices, giving access to quality education, fostering green entrepreneurship, promoting eco-sustainability and fighting for climate action!
Against all odds, we will keep on embracing difficulties, and find ways to adapt to the situation. We hope we all emerge stronger to lay foundations for a better country, and a brighter future… so that Lebanon earns once again its nickname: “Switzerland of the Middle East”!