“Kulluna Lil Watan”, The 1st Book of the Revolution in Images!

53 Kulluna Lil Watan The 1st Book of the Revolution in Images

From the bottom of the heart, to accompany the awakening of our nation.

Excerpts from the Book, a Message from Diana Sfeir Fadel

What we, Lebanese are currently living, writes an important page in our history. A peaceful revolution and many victories will be forever linked in this epic. Although, in the moment we are, the future is still unclear and our leaders’ inentions remain indecipherable; we can already claim victory on different angles; a victory that is not inseparable from the results to come.

With lots of images and few words, we want to share with everyone these moments in time, expressive shots of unique moments in our history.

“Kulluna Lil Watan” is available at ABC Malls (Librairie Antoine), and all Librairie Antoine branches; Get your copy now!