Our STOP ECO(sui)CIDE Operation #14 was a Great Success!

21 Our STOP ECOsuiCIDE Operation14 was a Great Success

It has been a great cleaning day!

55 volunteers, 100 bags of sorted trash out of which, 80 bags of recyclable waste, 1 km of cleaned area along the corniche of Dbayeh

We were overwhelmed with the high level of volunteers’ motivation! Participating students and citizens were keen to act for change and convey a positive image of their country! We were also shocked by the huge amount of trash we encountered in such a beautiful location! Plastic, glass, carboard & paper, and non-recyclable items were sorted in separate bags; the recyclable waste was sent to a recycling plant.

Public places are for all! Let’s keep them clean!

Join our STOP ECO(sui)CIDE movement and stay tuned to our next operation!