SwichtMed I

The SwitchMed Program, funded by EU, entrusted Fondation Diane for its implementation since Fondation Diane was the 1st to have an exclusive Green Investment Fund for small Entrepreneurs in Lebanon.

It aims at fostering green entrepreneurship through promoting inclusive green growth and job creation in Lebanon, while supporting the transition to a greener, more circular,

and fairer economy by efficiently leveraging environmental and networking business opportunities, providing services and products to a more integrated industrial system and harnessing regulatory and economic instruments.

VIRIDIS organized, in November 2017, an access to a finance event to connect green

start-ups to potential investors under Fondation Diane.

50 Entrepreneurs

100 Attendees

5 Workshops & Debates

10 Investors

SwichtMed II

EcoSwitch Coalition

The EcoSwitch Coalition or “Switchers Support National Partnership” in Lebanon, as part of the “SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Program”, brings together 27 support organizations.

It is a partnership of well-established institutions, NGOs and companies aiming at strengthening the support of Eco-entrepreneurs. It helps local green entrepreneurs thrive and grow their positive environment impact by providing them with a variety of support mechanisms based on their needs.


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