Energy Transition, Sustainable Inclusive Economic Growth in Lebanon

Lebanon is currently facing an economic, financial, employment, political, and social crisis, and one of the main causes of this crisis is the energy problem. Mismanagement of energy by the politically influenced public system has led to unsustainable debt levels, resulting in Lebanon’s financial default in 2019. The consequences of this crisis include inflation, rising poverty, high unemployment rates, political deadlock, social protests, and a general lack of trust in the system. To address this crisis and pave the way for development in Lebanon, it is essential to find a sustainable solution to the energy problem.

Tessa is a groundbreaking initiative that aims at encouraging energy transition that can drive economic development, employment inclusion and environmental sustainability. The project targets SMEs who operate in the following sectors:

  • Agri-food
  • Hospitality, Tourism, Restoration
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing

The selected entrepreneurs will benefit from:

  • Training to develop their Green Business Model
  • Training to develop their Green Business Plan
  • Energy Audit for their business
  • Help in implementing their Green Business Plan
  • Access to Funding in Energy Transition towards Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

All in all, the three-year initiative aims to achieve several results, including raising awareness among 300 Lebanese companies about the benefits of green business, training, 50 companies in developing their Green Business Plans, supporting the implementation of these plans for 20 companies, assisting three training centers in preparing professional profiles for green enterprises, and stimulating multi-stakeholder dialogue to improve policies related to energy transition, business development, and job placement.

The initiative involves several partners, including the Lead CSO ICU, which has experience in productive activities and energy transition in Lebanon. Other partners include CSO ELIS, ENEA (Italian energy transition reference body), Berytech (organization specializing in business development), Fondation Diane (organization promoting entrepreneurship with a social impact), and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Lebanon (FCCIAL). Additionally, the initiative collaborates with other entities at a wider level. For example, Berytech works with public and private financial institutions in Lebanon, while ICU collaborates with the Italian Ministry of the Environment for financial facilities related to green technologies.

Apply Now to the Tessa project:

Deadline for Applications: September 30th, 2023.


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