Supporting and Reviving the Lebanese Musical Heritage!

60 Supporting and Reviving the Lebanese Musical Heritage

With more than 45 musical concerts in its portfolio, “Fondation Diane” continues to support art, against all odds!

Deeply rooted into Lebanon’s history and values, the foundation contributes to reviving the Lebanese musical heritage by sponsoring “the 1st Modern Edition of Wadia Sabra’s Music by Fady Jeanbart”.

Wadia Sabra is the composer of the Lebanese anthem in 1927 and the founder of the national music conservatory in 1929. His music was hidden by his wife after his death in 1952 and was given to the CPML (Centre Patrimoine Musical Libanais) by his family in 2016. 70 years after Sabra’s death his music resurfaces and it is available to musicians worldwide.

It is the Unearthing of the lost and forgotten lebanese musical heriatge! Wadia Sabra’s music is finally out… 70 years after it was hidden.

Hurry up; get your copy. Quantities are limited! Contact Fadi Jeanbart: 76- 34 00 77.