Wrap-up about the Waste Webinar, by CEEDD and AUF

36 Wrap up about the Waste Webinar by CEEDD and AUF

Day 1 of the webinar addressed legal, institutional, organizational and social aspects. Day 2 addressed the educational and entrepreneurial aspects. It featured a Roundtable discussion, moderated by Fondation Diane’s Program Manager, Dr. Nancy Boueri, with five entrepreneurs from Lebanon and Senegal who launched their start-ups in the waste management field; Each of the start-ups tackles a specific type of waste: EcoServ, Compost Baladi, Fabric Aid, Green Track and IGA. It also included a panel “Waste Management Education: Holistic and Ecosystem Approaches”, moderated by Pr. Fadi El Hage, Holder of the Chair of “Fondation Diane” in Education for Eco-citizenship & Sustainable Development (CEEDD), and Pr. Dolla Sarkis, Vice Rector for Research at Saint Joseph University.