As part of the Community Support Program (CSP), funded by USAID and implemented by Chemonics, the Chair of “Fondation Diane CEEDD” implemented a training program for a group of volunteers from the municipality of Makse and and 18 municipalities of Koura district.
The main objective was to raise public awareness and educate citizens on the significance of sorting waste at source as well as the environmental and health impacts associated with waste pollution. Following the delivery of the training, each municipality implemented one awareness campaign coached by CEEDD thus reaching the community and raising awareness on a larger scale.
Under this scope, the project manager Mrs. Dounia El Dick and CEEDD team conducted 20 inception meetings in all the targeted municipalities between June 29th 2022 and July 15th 2022 to introduce them to the project. The CSP Program will be providing 64 metal bins of 600-liters capacity to collect recyclable items (plastic, carton, paper).

Raising Awareness Around Waste

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