Cortas makes unique and authentic Lebanese products and is a great addition to any recipe. Cortas products are consistent in terms of quality and taste. Among their products are molasses, jams, beans & dips, flavored water, canned vegetables, olives and oils, pickles, syrups, and easy mixes. Raw produce (fruit and vegetables) is obtained from the agriculturally rich Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. Product development relies on proper laboratory facilities and instruments, as well as competent personnel. Cortas exports 65-70% of its output, mostly to the United States. All processing, such as the mechanical decortication of sesame seeds and distillation of rose petals and orange blossoms, is performed without the use of chemicals.

Cortas installed a wastewater management treatment plant, to discharge the water from the plant. The daily water treatment ranges from 120m3 to 180m3. The installation of solar panels provides the industry with almost all its electrical consumption.

Environmental, Economic & Social Impact:

  • 600,000 KWh of clean energy produced from solar PV, since August 2022
  • 500 tons of avoided CO2 emissions from generators, since August 2022
  • 50,000 m3 of water treated before discharging, since February 2022
  • 500 tons of recyclable items sold over the past 3 years
  • Implementation of an “Occupational Health & Safety Management System” by providing training sessions for 2 candidates from Cortas staff to fulfill the position of internal auditors as part of the BRC requirements
  • Plan to conduct a comprehensive and thorough energy audit for their healthy food production, with a focus on optimizing energy usage for improved sustainability
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