CubeX SAL aims to make wastewater treatment more accessible by providing local, low-cost, and low-tech solutions to rural and suburban areas as well as to refugee settlements. We aim to promote the sustainable management of waste resources by turning bio-waste into a bio-resource and implementing resilient solutions anchored in the circular economy approaches.

Environmental, Economic & Social Impact:

  • 2 collaborations with municipalities across Lebanon
  • 8 collaborations with international partners contracted by Eawag to conduct a Q&Q study of fecal sludge
  • 8,000 m3 of treated wastewater
  • 50 tons of recovered dry sludge from wastewater
  • 200 people benefited from awareness sessions on the importance of wastewater treatment on the household level
  • 5 implemented wastewater treatment projects, field surveys and awareness sessions across Lebanon
  • 7 jobs created for people from the local community
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