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Daskara is a nature and heritage conservation local mapping guide. Built as a free digital platform, Daskara is compatible with most smartphones, tablets (app), and computers (website). It is available for everyone interested in exploring local natural and cultural sites. It is also a tool for people who want to actively engage in conservation and sustainable development.

Daskara benefits a broad constituency of users including local residents and business owners, tourists, diaspora, outdoor natural and cultural activities enthusiasts, experts, and academics. The uniqueness of Daskara is its aim in defining and initiating competitive and sustainable nature related opportunities that draw on the cultural and natural heritage of Lebanon.

Starting in Lebanon and expanding globally, Daskara will become a venue for promoting and instilling unquestionable cultural, natural, and heritage value with the importance of preserving these assets for sustainable growth.

Building on its years of experience and expertise working with communities to map local natural and cultural assets, AUB NCC obtained the necessary funding to design, develop and market Daskara, the digital version of nature and heritage mapping through an investment made by Diane Foundation on August 2017. This partnership is in alignment with Diane Foundation and AUB NCC mission to galvanize citizens into civic awareness and sustainable development in Lebanon.

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